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The Beginning

November 17, 2010

Cooking is something that I’ve always enjoyed. I have memories of standing on a footstool in the kitchen when I was five, making rice crispy treats with my mother, using the big wooden spoon to mix the cereal and the marshmallows. Chocolate chip cookies on a Saturday morning (the dough was always the best part). Homemade popsicles in the summer. Spritz cookies at Christmas.

But it’s easy to lose the pleasure of cooking when you’re in college without a kitchen (boxed mac & cheese), or busy at work with little time (more boxed mac & cheese?). I’ve always strived to make homemade meals, despite my busy work schedule. But about a six months ago, I found myself stuck in a rut. The same stir-fry every week. The same pasta. The same old same. So I decided to start fresh, and set myself on a mission. To commit to making at least one new recipe a week. To try new techniques and ingredients. To make meals healthy and satisfying.

So far, so good. The food coming out of this tiny San Francisco kitchen has been pretty delectable, new, and exciting. But this is just the beginning.

Here we go. Welcome.

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